ALEATEK STUDIO works with some of the most effective organizations to help achieve our shared goals.
Together with our valued partners, we deliver design strategies that optimize ROI performance, drive efficiency and reduce cost and complexity.
Some of these partners include:

Design Synact (dS) is the first design studio in Shenzhen, China, founded by three Chinese architects who used to sojourn in North America. The scope of work of dS ranges from urban planning to architectural design.

Shenzhen Tsing Hua Yuan Construction and Planning Design Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute of Shenzhen Branch, was established in April 1995, in order to meet the needs of the fast developing Chinese construction market

As an innovative company in design and planning solutions, ALEATEK continually looks for ways to expand our customer reach both domestically and internationally. To achieve this, we partner with companies that help drive market penetration by delivering Project Strategies and Design Solutions to customers who need innovative concepts adherent to the local and international market.

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