Guiyang – Announcement of Tender Victory

November 2, 2016 in News

aleatek studio design team is proud to announce that the consortium composed by Design Synact (Concept and architectural design), Tsing Hua Yuen (Landscape design),  aleatek studio (Strategic planning and design quality process) has been awarded with the 1st prize in the design tender for the conceptual planning and design of Guiyang Longli villa and commercial project. and design of the Kaili  “China 3rd Line Museum and Technology Park” in Guiyang. We will publish more project details and the full related article later on, in our website’s news section.

A big thanks to all our collaborators. and supporters.

Danilo Trevisan
managing director at Aleatek LTD Hong Kong

aleatek studio 设计团队自豪地宣布,由 Design Synact(概念和建筑设计),清华苑(景观设计),aleatek studio(战略规划和设计质量控制)组成的团队,在“贵阳龙里”概念规划设计招标中获得第一名


Danilo Trevisan