Xinping Minority Culture Centre

October 2, 2016 in Conceptual Design, Master Plan, projects


Competition 2016 – 2nd Classified
Location: Xinping, Yunnan, China
Function: Museum, Conference Center,
Theatre, Sport Center
Site area: 54,693 m2
GFA: 23,895 m2
Cooperation with New Landscape Kunming

Aim of this project is to reconnect the texture of the consolidated city with the new development areas. Filled with cultural and tourist functions, this cultural complex become the landmark gateway to the city of Xinping. The fluent lines of the flyover platform are inspired by cloud and mountains typical of this location. The shape of vertical structures adorning the main plaza come from the traditional Torch Festival which every years take place in this city. Studied to be sighted from the surrounding areas in day and night time, this complex is not only an Iconic landmark, is also a gathering space for tourists and events organized by the municipality.

xingpin-culture-center-02 xingpin-culture-center-03 xingpin-culture-center-04