JiaDengYu Campsite Planning

October 18, 2019 in Conceptual Design, Master Plan, projects

Location: Altay,Xinjiang,China
Function: Campsite
Site area: 154,811 m2
GFA: 24,814 m2

Facing the challenges brought by the irregular topography, we estimated the value of different site areas according to the landscape resources and terrain, defining the function of each area according  with its attitude, orientation and view. The Site is organized in 2 Phases and the limited circulation privileges a rational logistic and respect for the original orography. The Campsite is composed by modular light-weight accommodation  manufactured, delivered and assembled on site. In addition, the camp is equipped with a full set of DC/AC charging facilities, which can effectively serve a large fleet of E-vehicles reducing  the environmental pressure, achieving the status of “eco-friendly campsite”.