Kaili China Third Line Museum

May 24, 2016 in Conceptual Design, Master Plan, projects


Competition 2016 – 1st Classified
Location: Kaili, Guiyang, China
Function: Museum, Conference Center, Theme Park
Site area: 52,000 sqm
GFA: 26,000 sqm
Cooperation with Tsing Hua Yuan Shenzhen and dS studio Shenzhen

After the 2nd world war, the Chinese government, fearing an invasion by the US forces from south and the Soviet Army from north, decided to reorganize and strategically relocate the military production far from the borders. The main protagonists of this historical event were the workers. An enormous number of people had to relocate from their birthplace
to those remote areas to build and then operate this new industrial facilities. Recently, Kaili city government expressed the wish to commemorate the valor of those workers and veterans, who contributed to their country’s defense, with a museum and a themed technology park. The Museum and the outdoor site will host a permanent
exhibition of industrial relics and original pieces from the third line production.

kaili-museum-02 kaili-museum-03