2019 Guangdong Industrial Design Week Expo

October 25, 2019 in News


2019 Guangdong Industrial Design Week Expo was successfully held on October 24, 2019 at the Tanzhou International Exhibition Center in Shunde, Guangdong. To introduce the Italian design system and to promote the exchange of design culture between China and Italy, the Italian Design Association(IDA), as an invited exhibitor, actively responded to the Expo and exhibited various design brands and products of the members from IDA in Hall 10 of the Exhibition Center. The unique function, creativity and aesthetics of these design exhibits deeply attracted the professionals and audiences who came to visit the exhibition, while designers of IDA also shared their design philosophy and inspiration on the spot for better communication.

On the afternoon of October 25th, after the world’s top industrial design guru Michael Young’s speech “Souls in Design”, Maurizio Vrenna, a member of the IDA and a Ph.D. from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, also participated in the DWE Design Innovation Forum. Under the theme of “Industrial Design and Product Innovation in the Information Age”, Vrenna discussed with other guests and audiences about “what is modern design” and “what is industrial design”.


10月25日下午,在世界顶尖工业设计大师Michael Young开展了“产品中的设计灵魂”主题演讲后,IDA协会成员之一、来自意大利都灵理工大学博士Maurizio Vrenna也参与了主题为“信息时代的工业设计和产品创新”的DWE设计创新论坛,和其他嘉宾及到场观众一同热情探讨了什么是现代设计、什么是工业设计。