2019 Zhuhai Design Week:Excellent Design Event in The Greater Bay Area

December 19, 2019 in News

We’re living in THE AGE OF DESIGN, where products and experiences are tailor-made to produce unexpected feelings and mood. From smart gadgets to custom design shoes, there’s truly no shortage of options to stage your design thirst trap. There is no shortage of design exhibitions as well and Zhuhai Design Week (ZDW) is surely one you should not have missed.

Organized by Huafa Group and hosted in the spectacular venue of Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center in one of the newest CBD area of Zhuhai ,  the ZDW is one of the most representative events displaying the status of the design scene on the west coast of the PRD. Arrived at its second edition, this year the show was displaying the best of the locally designed and produced items and hosting two entire areas dedicated to Macao and Hong Kong design products.

Danilo Trevisan, Managing Director of Aleatek Group, in quality of representative of the Italian Design Association (IDA), was invited by the organizers as observer in sight of a potential cooperation for the next edition. Talking about the exhibition Trevisan had very positive comments about the excellent level the show gained in just two years and the vibrant atmosphere of the west shore.

“ZDW is surely an event that will consolidate in the area as the most representative of the trendiest service sectors. As organization of designers promoting design culture, IDA will spare no effort to support the event, whether there will be the possibility. Strong of its 3 year experience, IDA successfully co-organized and supported events such as Shenzhen Design Week and is currently supporting the Urbanism Architecture Bi-City Biennale in Shenzhen. We look forward for further partnerships in the cultural event area” He commented.




作为意大利设计协会(IDA)代表, Aleatek集团董事长Danilo Trevisan受主办方的邀请,以特邀观察员的身份参与本届设计周,以期下一届展会的潜在合作。在谈到本届展览时,Trevisan对展览在短短两年内取得的卓越成就以及珠江西岸充满活力的设计氛围给予了积极的评价。