Aleatek agenda is getting back on track: Managing Director Danilo Trevisan joined the China Ceramics Pioneers List (CCPL) Award

May 15, 2020 in News

The worst phase of COVID 19 emergency is hopefully over. Aleatek agenda is getting back on track with a series of initiatives and event planned last year, yet to complete.

Ready for the first event outside Shenzhen, on April 28, the managing director of Aleatek, Danilo Trevisan and the head of administration, Lucia Dong Yu, joined the China Ceramics Pioneers List (CCPL) Award. The ceremony of the Chinese ceramic industry Oscar was successfully held in the New Media Industrial Park in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Danilo had the honor to participate at this grand event as special guest.

The CCPL is by far the most authoritative and influential event in China’s ceramic industry and has a history of 16 years, which covers sectors including machinery, chemical materials, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, distributors, and designers.

This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still hovering China and the world and social distancing is adopted to curb the spread of the virus worldwide, the 16th CCPL presented a differently brand-new ceremony from the previous years. CTW as the organizer of the event, invited the mainstream media in China such as Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily and the internet giant Tencent to broadcast the event live on line.

Before the awarding ceremony, the 16th CCPL held a Summit Dialogue on the Innovation of Chinese Ceramic Industry. Mr. He Xinming, President of Dongpeng Ceramics, Mr. Chen Xianwei, Deputy President of Eagle Ceramics, and Mr. Li Xinliang, President of Ceramic Town Weekly, presented an in-depth discussion from the perspectives of innovation, the concept of healthy tiles, cross-industry integration, and the change of industrial pattern in China.

The jury of CCPL and the honored guest, Danilo Trevisan presented the awards and certifications to the winning enterprises.

“This event is not only good to promote the industry, but also to keep the spirit up in this difficult moment. If we all make a little change at home, in Italy, in China and other places all over the world, things will be in a different way and restart will be ready maybe in just a few months.” said Danilo Trevisan, Italian architect and director of Aleatek.

Danilo Trevisan was interviewed by CTW about the future of Chinese economy and ceramic in architecture. “The outlook for this year is not exciting but chances are there.” he said “Chinese manufacturers have to hurry in switching their marketing strategy and operation mode to satisfy a growing internal demand, not only in terms of quantity but also quality. The earlier birds able to replace international manufacturers, in this transition period, will place themselves in a strong position when eventually international trades reopen.”

About the use of ceramic materials in architecture Danilo advised manufacturers to look at the outdoor product market and invest in research on permeable materials and permeable elements: “The future of outdoor construction materials is in permeable elements. The implementation of Sponge city Policy in China and Sustainable Drainage System policies in Europe and other industrialized countries, will eventually lead to a fast expansion in this area. The problem large urbanized areas are facing is serious, we can see how Jakarta and other cities are literarily sinking due to bad groundwater management. The research should be focused on materials for urban landscape and hard surfaces that let the water pass through, down to the ground”.

Aleatek Studio often engages in constructive dialog with Guangdong and Chinese enterprises to bring together manufacturers’ views and designers’ ideas for the betterment of design culture and sustainable development of construction industry.

Our team is always open to explore new ideas and possibilities, introducing innovation in design and production process. Whether with manufacturers or developers, we love to work on disruptive ideas and develop them with international mindset.


随着COVID 19新冠疫情的逐渐缓和,Aleatek的工作议程已恢复正常,将继续有序展开在去年年末计划落实,而受疫情影响搁浅的一系列公司提案与活动。

4月28日,Aleatek董事长Danilo Trevisan和行政经理董煜开启了事务所今年首次深圳以外的公司活动,出席了中国陶瓷行业新锐榜(CCPL)盛典。被誉为中国陶瓷行业奥斯卡的第十六届新锐榜颁奖典礼在佛山市新媒体产业园隆重举行,Danilo Trevisan很荣幸作为特邀嘉宾参与到本次盛大活动中。




CCPL评审团和特邀嘉宾Danilo Trevisan先生向获奖企业颁发了奖项和证书。

这次活动不仅有利于促进行业发展,而且在这种困难的时刻让我们保持昂扬的精神。如果我们在意大利,中国以及世界其他地方的家里都能够做出一点改变,事情将会以不同的方式发生,并且可能在短短几个月内,行业运转的正常秩序就可以重启。” 意大利建筑设计师,Aleatek董事长Danilo Trevisan先生说。

Danilo Trevisan接受了陶城报的专题访问,内容涉及中国经济和建筑陶瓷的未来。“今年的前景并不令人兴奋,但机会仍然存在。” 他说:“中国制造商必须迅速调整其营销策略和运营模式,以满足不断增长的内部需求,这不仅是指在数量上,还更是在质量上。在这一过渡时期,能够取代国际制造商的先锋企业将在最终国际贸易重新开放时处于有利地位。”