“Changde Airport New City” won the NDA (Novum Design Award) Urban Planning and Landscape Design Silver Award

September 25, 2020 in News

We are very proud to announce that our planning project “Changde Airport City” has been awarded with the international SILVER NOVUM DESIGN AWARD in the category “Urban Planning and Landscape Design”. Congratulation to our team!

NDA is the World’s leading Design Award, the proof of the quality. NDA offers international fame and recognitions for talented Designers in Architectural Design Category, Interior Design Category, Urban Planning and Landscape Design Category, Furniture Design Category, Lightning Design Category, Digital Art and Graphic Design Category, Packing Design Category, Jewelry Design Category, Fashion and Textile Design Category, Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Category. With its global influence, NDA is an international high-level design award fiercely contested by outstanding designers from all over the world.

For more project report information,  you may check the link of NDA website: https://www.novumdesignaward.com/winner/NDA200446

我们非常荣幸地宣布,我们设计的城市规划项目“常德空港新城”荣获NDA(Novum Design Award)城市规划与景观设计银奖,恭喜我们的设计团队!

Novum Design Award(简称NDA,法国NDA设计奖)是世界领先的设计奖项,旨在发掘世界各地令人耳目一新的艺术创作,表彰优秀独特的设计作品,涵盖了城市规划、景观设计、建筑设计、照明设计、数码艺术与平面设计等领域,拥有领先的全球影响力,是世界各国多领域的优秀设计师激烈争夺的国际高水平设计奖项。