LingShui New Floating Complex

November 28, 2022 in projects, Urban Plan

Location: Linyi, Hainan, China
Function: Tourism
Site area: 307,300 m2
GFA: 464,159 m2

Lingshui New Water Complex is an expansive floating district set to be developed adjacent to the existing traditional floating village. This comprehensive complex will boast a marine museum, a theater, a seafood market, restaurants, and three resorts. Positioned as the premier tourist destination in the area, it will serve as the central hub, linking several attractions around the lagoon.

Connected by a new road, the complex will seamlessly link Houdao Wharf, Gulimei Street, Yugang Wharf, Yugang Tourist Service Center, Mangrove Management Service Area, University Town, Nanwan Village, and Nanwan Monkey Island Scenic Area. This network of attractions will be supported by cableways and sea ferries integrated into the transportation system.

The tourist route encircling the lagoon will feature a range of supporting facilities and ample parking areas to enhance the overall visitor experience.