The 7th China Italy Ceramic Design Award Ceremony

October 24, 2019 in News

The 7th China Italy Ceramic Design Award Ceremony, co-organized by the Ceramic Town Weekly and ACIMAC (the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics), was successfully held at Guangdong New Media Industrial Town on October 10th, 2019. The event has been hosted in Foshan for seven consecutive years, witnessing the development of original ceramic product using Italian related technology, equipment, materials and design. After careful review by experts from both China and Italy, a total of 41 products were shortlisted and unveiled in the award ceremony.

Mr Danilo Trevisan, director of Aleatek Limited, was invited by the organizers to join this ceremony as a Jury member and award presenter. “Compared with the first time I came to China 12 years ago, China’s ceramic design has undergone rapid changes. Ceramic products have been greatly improved in terms of technology, outlook and details.” Trevisan said, “Through the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Italian entrepreneurs and designers, we have good reasons to believe that more and more outstanding works will be born in the near future.


Aleatek Limited董事长Danilo Trevisan先生受到主办方邀请,作为评审及颁奖嘉宾参与了颁奖典礼。“和12年前我首次来到中国相比,中国的陶瓷设计发生了很大的变化。陶瓷作品在技术上、形式上、细节上都得到极大提升。”Trevisan先生说,“通过中意两国企业家、设计师的交流与合作,我们有理由相信不远的将来会有越来越多优秀作品的诞生。”